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Wednesday, April 6, 2022


You might have heard of the latest craze sweeping the nation. It's the new, exciting and original game of 'lets blame Jimmy Husband!'

It's a brilliant game where the answer to "who is at fault?" is always "Jimmy Husband"

Top prizes available include.

- an empty packet of pistachio nuts as discarded by Gary Madine

- a used sleep mask from a Quantas airline flight along with some slightly waxy earplugs as used by Kenny Dougall.

- A copy of the 'Owen Dale user manual' that Critch has clearly mislaid

- Fake ID papers for a South American dictatorship in the name of 'Mr Ian Brunskill'

- A shard of glass from Kevin Stewart's leg

- The extra £50 we didn't pay to get Cameron Brannigan.

To win one of these top prizes, just blame Jimmy Husband for something!

A faulty boiler, being missold PPI, Jacob Reese Mogg being an influential person, the price of fish, rain on your wedding day, ALDI being out of yoghurt, your troubled childhood, the way wasps annoy the fuck out of you when trying to have pint in a beer garden, someone blocking a public toilet and then just walking off. War. Pestilence. Famine. The way you can't reuse a stamp any more cos they've put some mad UV light shit on it, tennis being the only sport the BBC put on telly, the dearh of record labels leading to the widespread middle-classisation of guitar music, your ingrown toenail.

Anything will do. Whatever the problem and whether or not it's actually his fault... Blame Jimmy to WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

To enter - send £100 to MCLF PO BOX GM14 or call 0891 14 14 14 (calls charged at £8 per/minute)

No correspondence entered into. All prizes cannot be exchanged. BE GAMBLE AWARE AND WHEN THE FUN STOPS STOP.


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